Configure Ballot Scanner

Export Ballot Package

To configure the Ballot Scanner, you must first export the ballot package from Election Manager to a USB drive.

With a USB drive inserted, navigated to the Ballots tab and click Export Ballot Package.

Export Ballot Package

You will be prompted to insert a USB drive:

Once you insert a USB drive, the screen updates and prompts you to export the ballot package:

Just click Export and election manager will generate the ballot package of all ballot styles, saving it automatically on the USB drive.

You don't need to worry about the exact file location, but if do want to look for it later, the file will be saved inside the ballot-packages directory.

Once the file is saved, Election Manager lets you know and prompts you to eject the USB drive:

After a few seconds, you can pull out the USB drive.

Loading Ballot Package

Once you have the ballot package saved on a USB drive, you can transfer the file to the Ballot Scanner.

When turned on, the Ballot Scanner will boot to a Not Configured screen, prompting you to insert a USB drive:

Insert the USB drive on which you just saved the ballot package from Election Manager. After a few seconds, Ballot Scanner displays all the ballot packages it sees on that USB drive:

Select the ballot package you want. As the package loads, the screen will read Uploading ballot package # of # and the Ballot Scanner will iterate through the total number of ballot styles in the ballot package:

When loading is complete, Ballot Scanner prompts you to eject the USB drive:

Then, the main Ballot Scanner screen is shown. The screen will state that No ballots have been scanned. Election summary information (name, date, county, etc.) will be shown at the bottom of the screen.

Configured Ballot Scanner

You may now click Eject USB and remove the USB drive once Mount USB is presented.

The Ballot Scanner is now ready for scanning! To learn how to scan ballots, please reference our ballot scanning guide:

Changing Ballot Packages

If you need to change a ballot package, you can remove the package and reset Ballot Scanner through the following steps:

  1. Click Advanced from the main scanner screen

  2. Click Factory Reset under Advanced Options

  3. Confirm by clicking Yes, Factory Reset

Factory Reset

You can now re-configure Ballot Scanner for a different ballot package.