Operating VxPrint

VxPrint is used by voters to print their ballot after they've marked their choices at a VxMark station. This guide presumes a VxPrint has been set up, configured, tested, and is ready for use.

Opening Polls

The screen should read Polls Closed. Insert a poll worker card and tap Open Polls.

Confirm that you want to open the polls, which will print the open-polls report twice.

Remove the poll worker card. The screen should now read Insert Card and VxPrint is ready to print ballots.

Printing a Ballot

A voter who has marked a ballot and saved it to their voter card can insert their voter card into the VxPrint card reader. The screen immediately indicates that the ballot is printing and, within 6 to 8 seconds, the printer should spin up and start to print the voter's ballot.

The voter should then deposit their ballot into the ballot box and return the voter card to a poll worker.

Closing Polls

Insert a poll worker card and choose Close Polls. The polls-closed report, including an unofficial tally, are then printed on confirmation. Remove the Poll Worker card. Polls are now closed.