Operating VxEncode

VxEncode is used by poll workers to encode voter cards that voters use to activate VxMark ballot-marking stations. This guide presumes a VxEncode is set up, configured, tested, and ready for use.

Opening Polls

The screen should show that it is locked. Insert the poll worker card in the reader to unlock the screen. As soon as the screen indicates it is unlocked, you may remove the poll worker card and operate the VxEncode.

There is no explicit "polls open" feature on VxEncode: simply turn it on and unlock it.

Locking / Unlocking VxEncode

During the day, if you need to step away from the poll-worker station for any reason, you may want to lock the VxEncode simply by tapping Lock. Unlocking can be achieved once again by inserting the poll worker card, noting the screen says unlocked, then removing the poll worker card.

Encoding a Voter Card

To encode a voter card with the appropriate ballot style, insert a voter card and tap the desired ballot style on the screen. A progress bar appears for 4-5s to program the card. Once the screen indicates it's safe to do so, remove the voter card and hand it to the voter.

Closing Polls

At the end of the day, simply turn off the VxEncode using the same power button on the upper-left corner of the screen. Unplug the power cord and place the power brick back in its designated spot in the case. Close the case. You're done!