Tally Test Deck

Before tallying, insert the USB drive used to save the test deck CVR file into the Election Manager. All tabulation functionality in Election Manager is available within the Tally tab.

Load CVR

First click Tally to access the tally tab and then click Load CVR Files. In the file dialog, select the file exported from Ballot Scanner (cvrs-[election-name].jsonl) and click Open.

Load CVR Files

When loaded, confirm that the presented file name, count and precinct(s) are as expected. You may also review the ballot count by precinct and view any unofficial tally reports as desired.

Loaded CVRs

Print Tally Report

Once reviewed, scroll to the Total Ballot Count and click View Unofficial Election Tally. Click Print Unofficial Tally Report to print results or Save Unofficial Tally Report to save the election tally to a USB drive.

View Unofficial Full Election Tally
Print Unofficial Tally Report

Compare Results

Compare the expected test deck results report to the tally report. These reports should match exactly. If desired, you may also manually tally the test deck ballots and check that manual tally against the scanned results.

Test Ballot Deck Tally compared to Unofficial Election Tally