Tally Results

Exporting Cast Vote Records (CVRs)

When all ballot batches (including any duplicated ballots) have been scanned, you will need to export the CVR files from Ballot Scanner to load into Election Manager.

Before exporting, first insert an empty USB drive into the USB port on Ballot Scanner and confirm No USB changes to Eject USB.

To export, click Export in the top right. In the file dialog, open the USB drive and click Save. The file name will be cvrs-[election-name].jsonl. VotingWorks recommends appending YYYYMMDD-[laptopID]- where YYYYMMDD is the day of export and laptopID is the ID number on the Ballot Scanner exporting the file. An example filename in this format would be 20201103-0555-cvrs-choctaw-county-2020-general-election.jsonl.

Repeat for all Ballot Scanners if using multiple Ballot Scanners.

Please ensure that use a distinct file name indicator for each CVR to identify CVR files easily.

Export CVR

Export Backup

After exporting the CVR, VotingWorks recommends also taking a backup of all data from the Ballot Scanner. To export a backup, navigate to the Advanced view and then click Export Backup. You will then navigate to the USB drive in the file dialog and save the backup .zip file. The file may take up to a few minutes to save.

Once saved, click Eject USB and remove the USB drive from Ballot Scanner.

Tallying CVRs

Before tallying, insert the USB drive used to save the CVR file into the Election Manager. All tabulation functionality in Election Manager is available within the Tally tab.

First click Tally to access the tally tab and then click Load CVR Files. In the file dialog, select the file exported from Ballot Scanner (cvrs-[election-name].jsonl) and click Open.

When loaded, confirm that the presented file name, CVR count, and precinct(s) are as expected. You may also review the ballot count by precinct and view any unofficial tally reports as desired. Load CVR files from all Ballot Scanners if you performed scanning in parallel.

After loading your CVR file(s), scroll to the Total Ballot Count and click View Unofficial Election Tally. Click Print Unofficial Tally Report to print results or Save Unofficial Tally Report to save the election tally to a USB drive.

The printed report should look like the image below with the election name and the VotingWorks logo: