Process Late Ballots

You may receive properly post-marked absentee ballots for the next five days after election night that need to be counted. To add these ballots to unofficial results, you will need to:

  1. Delete Ballot Data from Ballot Scanner

  2. Scan Late-Received Ballots

  3. Export a CVR for Late-Received Ballots

  4. Load the CVR into Election Manager

  5. Export Appended Results (New CVR + Original CVR(s))

  6. Combine with GEMS Results

  7. Upload Combined Results to SEMS

VotingWorks recommends scanning and tabulating all late-received ballots at once though you may process late-received ballots multiple times by repeating these steps.

Delete Ballot Data

Before scanning late-received ballots, you will first need to remove ballot data on the Ballot Scanner. To delete ballot data, first click Advanced and then Delete Ballot Data from the main Ballot Scanner screen.

Scan Late-Received Ballots

After deleting ballot data, scan new batches for the properly postmarked ballots received after election night. In the example below, 8 new ballots were scanned after deleting ballot data.

Export CVR

After scanning, export the CVR containing the late-received ballots to a clean USB drive by clicking Export. In the file dialog, open the USB drive and click Save. The file name will be cvrs-[election-name].jsonl.

VotingWorks recommends appending YYYYMMDD-[laptopID]- where YYYYMMDD is the day of export and laptopID is the ID number on the Ballot Scanner exporting the file. An example filename in this format would be 20201110-0555-cvrs-choctaw-county-2020-general-election.jsonl.

Load CVR

After ejecting the USB drive from Ballot Scanner, insert the same USB drive into the Election Manager used for tallying. On Election Manager, first click Tally to access the tally tab and then click Load CVR Files. In the file dialog, select the file recently exported from Ballot Scanner and click Open.

You will see the new CVR file loaded as an additional entry below your previously loaded CVR files.

Export Results

To export results with the new CVR included, you will need to repeat the same export steps from Election Night by:

  1. Exporting VotingWorks Results

  2. Combine VotingWorks Results with GEMS Results

  3. Export Combined Results

  4. Upload to SEMS

Please refer to the Exporting Results documentation for instructions on how to export, combine, and upload results to SEMS.