Monitors & Observers

Public Process

The audit is open to observation by the public. The public can watch from an area designated for observation. When possible, live stream the audit and provide the Secretary of State’s office with the link. Media are also welcome to be present and record from the public observation space.

Designated Monitors

Audit boards may be observed by designated monitors. Designated monitors are restricted to one monitor per party for every ten audit boards in a county, with a minimum of 2 per party per county. Designated monitors must have a letter from their party indicating they’ve been designated as a monitor, and wear a name tag that displays their party affiliation.
Designated Monitors shall not:
  • Interfere with the processing of auditing ballots or conduct of the audit;
  • Use or bring in to the room any photographic or other electronic monitoring or recording devices, cellular telephones, or computers;
  • Take any action that endangers the security of the ballots;
  • Touch any ballot or ballot container;
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